Solving your 设计 for Additive 制造业 challenges

皇冠365官方APP的设计 & 工程 department team is there to add value to your 3D printing journey. Work with us to create business impact by increasing performance and usability, or reducing environmental impact and cost. Our experts excel in personalized, lightweight and functional designs that are vital at any phase of the product development cycle.

We seek to create value-added solutions for our customers by leveraging our proven expertise & capabilities in 设计 for Additive 制造业 (DfAM).

e-Stage for Metal Aluminium Drone

为什么设计 & 工程?

We help you realize your idea by leveraging our expertise in Additive 制造业. Our well-recognized experts in 设计 for Additive 制造业 (DfAM) seek to fully understand the interplay between your application, production and material requirements involved.

皇冠365官方APP的设计 & engineering services are intended to add value to your product design, ranging from improved performance to lowered cost. Don’t hesitate to involve us in your design phase.

Our Three Areas of Expertise

Dedicated design for 3D printing comes in many shapes, sizes and materials. As a pioneer in the field, we have a deep history in understanding the intricacies at play with Additive 制造业, and our highly specialized team of designers and CAD engineers can support your project, regardless of your industry.

Whether you’re looking for support in your initial concept design, or somewhere further along the road to production, we’d like to hear about your project to see how we can make your product better with 3D technologies.

1. 轻量化设计

Volvo Car Gent Logo Fixture


How Volvo Car Gent Has Reimagined Production Fixtures

2. Personalized design

TAILORED FITS Goes Off Piste in Ski Boot 设计


TAILORED FITS Goes Off Piste in Ski Boot 设计

3. 功能设计

Suction Gripper Aluminium


Suction Gripper in 3D-Printed Aluminum: The Power of (Re)设计

Making music tactile

Discover how our designers created a completely unique way to personalize car speaker grills, using conceptual design and procedural modeling to the maximum.



Concept Development



  • Ideation and concept development
  • 可视化
  • Procedural modeling
  • 为我设计


工程 服务

  • Reverse engineering
  • 可行性检查
  • 模拟
  • 数据修复
  • Post-topology optimization



  • 设计 for traceability
  • Post-processing optimization
  • 设计 for certified manufacturing